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Business Networking – 12 Great Reasons to Get Started | Visions with Cedric Varner | Business and Community Television

Business Networking – 12 Great Reasons to Get Started

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Are you thinking of quitting your job and going self-employed or of starting up your own business? Then if you are you must include Business Networking in your plans. In fact better than that you should start networking now and here are 12 very good reasons why.

  1. Useful Stress That’s right, a little bit of stress is known to stimulate the brain cells, improve connectivity and so sharpen up your awareness and thinking. It goes back to the origins of man and our need to think to survive. So if engaging with a room full of strangers makes you anxious then be pleased – it is natural and it is doing you good.
  2. Research your Idea You have got a good idea that needs checking out so start explaining it and selling it to other business newbies. Networkers love to say what they think and arguably there is no better qualified panel of experts than those that have been there and done it.
  3. Learn from Others As you talk and explain your idea and your plans to succeed absorb all the knowledge of people who have gone through the same experience. Ask them about the things they are good at that can help you. You will find they love to share.
  4. Practice and Improve The more you meet and share business plans with networkers the better you become. You will refine your proposition into a powerful pitch that quickly nails your all important point of difference. You can also work on one or two case studies that illustrate what you do and show how it benefited a particular client or customer. Stories are always more compelling than a general sales pitch.
  5. Self-Confidence Whatever idea you have, its commercial success will be determined by your ability to persuade others to buy into both your idea and you. The more you improve as a networker the more self-confident you will become. That will translate into good rapport building qualities, which then lead on to good influence and persuasion capabilities.
  6. Momentum Starting on a weekly or monthly networking programme will give you a sense of rhythm and monitoring cycle. The meetings provide a regular deadline to plan and work towards and prompt review of your progress.
  7. Accountability to others Working alone can also mean working unsupervised, a possibly fatal attraction! As you establish regular contacts at networking groups you will develop a sense of responsibility to the group. You will not want to let them or yourself down and want to do well and make progress.
  8. Encouragement and Recognition Nearly all of us need a bit of encouragement. Both in the form of help when things are not going well and as congratulations when we achieve a big result. For some of us the recognition is as important as anything else, and that recognition can be no more valid or meaningful than when it comes from your informed and trusted network buddies.
  9. Altruism We all have it to some degreeHelping a colleague to find new business can uncover surprising degrees of selflessness and satisfaction. The most successful networkers will also quickly point out thatpaying it forward is the essence of good networking, and reciprocity is its energy source. It is also something you can quickly learn to do well, and so early on you begin to feel you are a useful contributor to the network.
  10. Reputation and Trust Word of mouth advertising or personal recommendation is generally cited as the most effective marketing method. Through consistent active participation in networks you will build a reputation as a service provider who can be trusted to deliver and so will be recommended by others. Equally you will have acquired your own team of trusted specialists that can collaborate with you in delivering a broader service to your clients.
  11. Friendship Selflessness, common interest, shared achievement, trust are all pretty awesome qualities in a relationship so it is no surprise that network colleagues become great friends. A good enough reason in itself.
  12. Reward Yes as well as enjoying all these wonderful benefits, business networking will also bring you business success together with all the personal goals that success makes available.

So there we are – 12 very good reasons why even if you’re merely thinking about working for yourself, you should start networking now.

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