About Us | Visions with Cedric Varner | Business and Community Television | Economic Empowerment

  • The Need: To learn strategies and tactics for success in business and organizational development from local and nationally recognized community, civic and business leaders.
  • The Opportunity: To promote the entrepreneurship and economic empowerment initiatives of general market, minority and women-owned businesses along with notable non-profit agencies in the area.
  • The Mission: To provide for the dissemination of information vital to resident economic, educational, personal and spiritual growth.
  • The Vehicle: To produce a business and community affairs television program designed to interview and promote key area leaders.
    1. Visions, a television program hosted by Cedric Varner, is designed to encourage and promote the attainment of personal vision. It is based on the proverb: “Where there is no vision, the people perish…”
    2. In this thirty-minute program, business, civic and community leaders share with viewers the vision for their business or organization and how it has lead to success.
    3. Viewers will be encouraged and empowered through informative and inspirational conversations with guests.
    4. Through this dialogue, leaders will be able to inspire vision and success with our community.
    5. Topics covered include: Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Education, Health and Wellness.
  • Visions airs on WSFA NBC 12.2 digital on Knology Channel 121, Charter 136 and Brighthouse 213 on Tuesday evenings prime time at 9:30 pm.
  • Visions is supported by sponsors with a mission to advance economic and educational progress in the River Region.